Monday, February 11, 2008

First Scribe!!!

Oh Boy! Here we go, I'm scribing again.

This is my fourth class with Mr. K., all of which I had to scribe for at least thrice, so I'm used to it.

Anyway, today's class was basically our first official class of learning. However, it ended up being a review of grades 10 through 12. Mr. K. went over the Review Test we had the previous class, touching on the questions we seemed to have the most trouble with.

These questions included the concepts of:
•Fraction Operations
Rational Functions
•Function Notation

As well, there is a list that may be seen here(slides 14 and 15) that goes over the things we should already know.

I believe Mr. K. did a sufficient job in discussing the problems we may have had in class, as no one seemed to ask questions.
***But remember, if you need any help in dealing with any of the content in the course, arrange a time with Mr.K. or even ask some other students to see if you can get the advice you need***

As well, I suggest if you got some questions wrong on this quiz that you should go back to the questions and try them again. It should help. Or, just open your booklets and do the homework; it provides tons of practice questions dealing with the above concepts and more.

Homework: All exercises up to page #30 in the ORANGE BOOK
•Pages 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the BLUE BOOK

Last but not least, Wednesday's Scribe will be:......

VINCENT!!! (he does awesome Scribes =D)

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