Monday, May 12, 2008

Scribe: Related Rates!


Hello, I'm known as Tim-Math-Y on our class blog and I will be the scribe for today's lessons! Today's class started with an image that introduced our content. The image was a combination of three that portrayed related rates with spheres, water ripples, and shadows. It was the precursor to the questions that we were to solve.

Key points to solving Related Rates questions:
  • Find a way to relate all the variables within a given question
  • Differentiate implicitly using chain rule, with respect to time


Well, I completed the scribe as soon as I could because it seemed that many people were missing today. I hope this helped!

Notice that most of these solutions include the following:
  • A labelled diagram to help you visualize
  • Listing given information, and finding information that will be required in the solution
  • Differentiating implicitly using chain rule with respect to time
  • A sentence answer including appropriate units
That sums it up folks! Thanks for reading =)

The Scribe for next class will be, John D. !

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