Tuesday, March 4, 2008

1's - BoB

This is 1's first Blogging on Blogging post (B.o.B. or B^2).
This unit was for "limits".

I would like to comment how cool limits are. How cool is it like Mr. K said to ride on a roller coaster and all of a sudden get to a certain point and DROP straight down... This analogy was pretty cool as it related to limits. When you approach the limit of a function, the line goes into thin air! Amazingly, after this point on the graph it continued on like nothing happened at all. It is amazing in the fact that it just disappears as there is nothing in the spot...

I think what might pose problems for me is the interpreting the graphs right but other than that I will continue practice some more questions in preparation for the test.

I hope to gain some knowledge from this calculus class so that when I take it for real, I will be better prepared.

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