Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Craig's BOB

Hello everyone, this is Craig here to do my first Blogging On Blogging (B.O.B.) post
for this Calculus 45 S course.

This first unit has been a brief review for me because of my taking of the AP Calculus course, but it has been a nice refresher.

It is actually still kind of tricky because I have to learn how to use the long, tedious, drawn-out methods of solving the problems I usually do very briefly. I guess it enhances my understanding of the concepts because we actually touch on the basics compared to the fast-paced AP Calculus' version of Limits.

The pre-test was a clear example of how I need to use all of the techniques used in this class to get full marks. It is good practice and I look forward to more helpful hints from the class.

Good luck to all on the test on Wednesday =D

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