Monday, March 10, 2008


Sorry for the lateness of this scribe post, I was planning on doing this over the weekend but laziness took over me, haha.. and I fell asleep when I got home today and woke up around 8:30. Anyways...


The class started off by watching Mr. K find a picture in flickr. He was using a nifty program called PicLens. It's pretty cool in my opinion and I downloaded the extension for my Firefox browser. About five minutes later, he found a picture of three guys at the beach. He then copied the picture, with the link of course, to the SmartBoard and appropriately named the picture "Tan Gents". Get it? "Tan Gents?" Haha, the picture is at the slides so you can go check it out there.

Mr. K then introduced us again to the concept of tangent and secant lines. A tangent line is a line that touches a curve at exactly one point. A secant line is a line that touches a curve at two or more points. Then we were introduced to a familiar concept; the slope of a line, as seen on slide 5/9.

Zooming in on the graph on slide 6/9 or following the link, we can see that the slope of the function f(x)=5x is becoming relatively smaller and equal to the slope of the tangent line f(x)=x+1 as the scale of the graph becomes smaller.

Moving on to the next slide, we were asked to solve for the slope of the tangent line @ x=1 on f(x)=x2. It was pretty straightforward and the procedure is shown at the slide.

However, on the next slide, we were introduced to the definition of a derivative, as shown. We were then introduced to the basic-thingy of derivatives, which is 2x, shown in the final slide.

For homework we were assigned pages 1-31 and page 15 on the blue book.

Next scribe is Dino.

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