Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scribe #1

Sorry for the late scribe everyone, but this week has been very hectic for me. Well Tuesday's class began very differently than usual. The class began with Mr. K splitting everyone into groups of two or three students, with each group having at least one AP calculus student. Mr. K wanted the AP calc students to be the teachers and the intro calc students to be attentive and learn what the AP calc students were teaching them. The first proof that was to be solved was (F(x+h) - F(x)) /h where (mx+b) was plugged in for (x). The derivative of mx+b is m, as shown in the slides from Class below this blog post. The second proof was plugging in a constant (K) in for x. Where the derivative of the constant is always zero (0). The derivative of K is zero (0). That was the class for the shown proofs scroll down below this post to see the proof slides. The next scribe is M@rk.

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