Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Tomorrow is the test! Wow it's quite surprising how so many people have dropped this course throughout the minor portion of what has passed. Well, tomorrow is the test on Derivatives! It shouldn't be too difficult to be honest, especially for the AP Calc Students who have already learned this unit. Though I understand the most part of this unit, I know that I may still stumble somewhere, as questions are always different: there are always new wrinkles that you can run into.

Summary of Differentiation:
  • Power Rule
  • Product Rule
    • F'(x) = f'(x) g(x) + f(x) g'(x)
  • Quotient Rule
    • Low D High, minus High D Low, All over Low Low (The SONG!)
    • F'(x) = [ g(x) f'(x) - f(x) g'(x) ] / [ g(x) ]^2
  • Chain Rule
    • F'(x) = f'( g(x) ) g'(x)
Including these rules, remember to understand the Definition of a Derivative and how to find the derivative using this definition.

Good luck everyone!

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