Monday, April 7, 2008

Scribe posts for: March 19 & 28

Hey everyone! I apologize for the super super late scribe post. I know you are all waiting for it so here it is.

March 19.
The class started off with a discussion about Article 13 and the students' comments on their class blog. Moving on from that, we reviewed the sum/difference rule and then moved on to the new topic. The class topic was mostly about the product rule. All the information about the class work and the rule and how to apply it is in the slides below. Also we learned about the quotient rule but we ran out of time so it was continued in the other class.

March 28.
This was our last class before the spring break. During this class we reviewed the quotient rule and Mr K. taught the class the quotient rule song. The song goes like this: "high de low minus low de high all over low low" which translate to: [f(x)^1 * g(x) - g(x)^1 * f(x)]/g(x)^2.
But this class' real topic was... an introduction to the chain rule! The chain rule basically states that the whole function is called F(x). This F(x) is composed but different functions which are f(x) and g(x) which g(x) is the inner function and f(x) is the outer function. If examples are need it is in the slides below.

Thank you for your time and I do apologize for the super super late blog post. Now that I finished this scribe post the next scribe shall be... GREY-M.

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